React, Respond, Initiate

What will you do next?? The first almost always leads to bad outcomes. When things are uncertain it’s easy to react. Responding is smarter, it forces you to think about the action to take once you identify a hazard. It’s also easy to get into a rhythm of responding, to others’ actions and movements. HowContinue reading “React, Respond, Initiate”

Helmets Expire – By B.G

Helmets Expire Just as with most man made things, motorcycle helmets have a shelf life. A helmet loses its effectiveness over time. To understand why, how and when, we need to first understand the structure of a helmet. The Outer Shell is the external lightweight ‘plastic’ part of the helmet. It is mostly made fromContinue reading “Helmets Expire – By B.G”

Masomo Monday – TSD ( Total Stopping Distance)

Total Stopping Distance is a sum of 3 parts. 1. Perception Distance 2. Reaction Distance (1&2 are referred as Thinking Distance) 3. Braking Distance Actual thinking distance varies according to the speed of the bike, your physical and mental condition, your attentiveness and whether or bit you were expecting something to happen. Good anticipation givesContinue reading “Masomo Monday – TSD ( Total Stopping Distance)”

Masomo Monday- Road Rage By L. Monyenye

Today’s Masomo Monday is a contribution from L. Monyenye on road rage. On 25 Dec last year on the Githurai 44 route, a personal car was involved in an accident with one of the buses that plies that route. Out of rage, they confronted each other and the driver of the personal car was badlyContinue reading “Masomo Monday- Road Rage By L. Monyenye”

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