Meet Up

15 Jun


Finally! we are having our first meet up this coming Sunday.  I Promised my class we would have one when we passed the 50 students mark this year. We are currently at 61 , thanking God for His faithfulness.

Events lined up are A Bike Service and Maintenance clinic , A First Aid session structured for Riders , An interesting movie session , lunch and music.
A perfect environment to meet other riders , and learn a bit.

Cost is 500 Ksh to cover the Lunch  , payable only in advance by this Thursday.

Praying that the weather holds for a fabulous time of bonding with the inked bikers.

Ride Safe

Panic Tax

31 Mar

Seth Godin post on Panic Tax  comprehensively addresses ways of amelioration of panic. This post is on how to apply the same solutions on a  Rider Training course. 

You go stiff , a hundred things going through your mind, your right hand grabs on the throttle for support , the engine revs peak up , you drop your cover on the clutch lever and grip the left handle bar , your feet seem stuck on the foot rests, your can’t speak or shout , you are out of control. … your having a panic attack.

The answer to, “should we panic,” is always no. Always. Panic is expensive, panic compounds and panic doesn’t solve the problem.

As Seth Godin says slack is the enemy of panic.
Let go , discard the restrictions , forget the drill , quiet the fear , throttle off, decelerate , clutch in , place your feet down ,  brake , and brake in a straight line.

Listen to my voice , focus on my words , relax , free your mind of activity.  My first response is to dampen your panic , and  not seek your compliance.

Your safety is my number 1 priority . Every thing else comes after that.
Step off the bike . Lets have a sit down . Let’s talk . We review your action , from the first step , with a view of preventing it from happening the next time.

Ride Safe

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