Kibo Bike Demo Day

20 May

Inked Biker Rider Training held a Demo Day for the K150 Kibo Bike last Saturday 14th May 2016 . This was a chance for current riders as well as prospective riders to try out the bike in several conditions ranging from muddy to swampy.



The turnout was good at about 45 people . Special thanks to the team from Kibo who provided us with 2 bikes and were on the ground to interact with the participants . Led by the MD Bob , sales team Arthur , Esther and Purity.






A big Thank you too to Nancy who hosted us with Mbuzi Choma at the RoadHouse on Karen Road.

Ride Safe

10,000 Hours

9 Feb

In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.

Data showed a direct statistical relationship between hours of practice and achievement. No shortcuts. No naturals.

How then do we as Bikers rate ourselves when asked the question,  ‘ how long have you been riding?”

Let’s pick David who bought his first bike , a Karizma ZMR 2 years ago and has been using it to commute everyday since purchase. How many hours of ‘practice’ does he have in those 2 years?

Let’s place his daily commute and errands running to max 2 hours a day. In a week that’s 14 hours , a month 56 hours , a year 672 hours and in 2 years 1344 hours. It will take David, about 15 years if his hours of riding stay constant , to consider himself an master motorcycle rider.

I pray this answers the FAQ from a lot of newbie bikers on how long it takes to be an expert rider , and to an extent what it takes to upgrade to a much bigger cc motorcycle.

And maybe the Bikers who consider themselves experts will eat some humble pie.

Now let’s take a commercial bike rider (boda boda) called James, who bought his Bajaj Boxer 150 a year ago and uses it to ferry passengers and goods 6 days a week. James is on the road about 8 hours a day for 6 days a week , that’s 48 hours , 192 hours in a month , 2304 hours a year, it will take him 4 years to say he is a master motorcycle rider.

Of course the real question here is what level of formal training do each of this Bikers have ? Because that is what they are practicing and that is what they will be experts in?

Ride Safe.


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