All in A Days Ride – Junctions and Intersections ⚠️

Approach Junctions and Intersections with Caution. They are a bikers Achilles heel.
Check your blindspots around cars on both sides. Danger is always lurking in the shadows.
Be Patient.
Accept that other vehicles will not give you way.
Ride Safe

Diary of a Rider Trainer – Waiting

There is a place for self initiative from the student rider, especially for our Master class of on the Road Drills. I like when I find the student already geared up and done with a couple of warm up laps.

When I they tell me of the short rides they have taken around their neighbourhood. Of the confidence they are building.

Then there are those who have to wait for you to arrive for them to even rise up from their beds. The ones who have little self initiative to ride in their own. The ones with an excuse for why not .

Thankfully those are few. And with time they pull up their socks, it takes a lot of gentle encouragement , patience and time, but they will get there. Everyone’s journey is different , we accept that and adapt accordingly .

Ride Safe

All in A Days Ride – When you are used to jumping traffic lights and a pedestrian being a 🤡

Am a regular culprit of jumping traffic lights or trying to beat a red light.

So what happens to the yellow car is as expected if you behave the same way. A near miss. That would have been a nasty fender bender.

Then what’s up with this Earthling🤡 (pedestrian) strolling across the road like my bike is an insignificant gnat 😡.

Lastly this 🤡 in the black Noah parks on one of the two lanes on this road just before a descent. Creating a bottleneck , lucky I had a bike and could squeeze through . I pity the cagers behind me.

Ride Safe.

Inked Tips – Night Riding and Earthlings

When Riding at Night, you won’t clearly see pedestrians. Especially as they cross the road.
So keep an eye out for them. All you see are shadows and silhouettes.

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