Death! Issa just a scratch..

I am perplexed at the mad rush motorcycle riders especially Bodas and couriers have on our mad roads. ‘Teke Teke Buda, nimechelewa’ ‘Hiyo order inafaa kufika in 15 minutes ‘ The rate of accidents resulting in death or disability from Motorcycles is rising. But no, these riders think that death is something you can comeContinue reading “Death! Issa just a scratch..”

Uncertainty and Fear Unmasked- Guest Post by Biker Chic Muthoni

You’re probably thinking this is one of those long posts about a fictional journey, or maybe not. Either way, it all comes together eventually. Uncertainty causes fear in most of us, on a daily basis perhaps but we learn to live in a routine until we “trip” into an unplanned occurrence. My story is noContinue reading “Uncertainty and Fear Unmasked- Guest Post by Biker Chic Muthoni”

SEE — Search, Evaluate, Execute.

On Saturday I was almost run over by an Auto Recovery Land Rover reversing at dusk on Uhuru Highway at the Bunyala Roundabout. It didn’t matter that I was as visible as a neon sign with my high visibility helmet, reflective jacket and a reflective cover on my back pack. Either the driver of theContinue reading “SEE — Search, Evaluate, Execute.”

Making the Invisible , Visible.

An article from the theday.comwarrants details of a police investigation into an accident of a driver who failed to see an oncoming motorcyclist . It is in the news every other day about a motorcycle accident, particularly boda boda motorcyclist. They fill up, many district hospital orthopedic wards. In the article above, the driver toldContinue reading “Making the Invisible , Visible.”


The Thesaurus  defines laxity as – the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern. Today on my commute to work , a boda boda rider sans a helmet ,  reflective jacket  or any protective gear and busy talking on a mobile phone zoomed past me. Over lapping a queue of cars  , passing right inContinue reading “Laxity!”