Ride Your Own Ride by Lucy Monyenye

Riding my own ride I can’t stand vibrations, let alone vibrations in between my legs!! Hold up, get your head out of the gutter, you dirty little soul😈. We will get back to the vibrations shortly. I have been riding for a while now, hit 3,000kms!!!🥳🥳 and I have had a top speed of 107kphContinue reading “Ride Your Own Ride by Lucy Monyenye”

Helmets Expire – By B.G

Helmets Expire Just as with most man made things, motorcycle helmets have a shelf life. A helmet loses its effectiveness over time. To understand why, how and when, we need to first understand the structure of a helmet. The Outer Shell is the external lightweight ‘plastic’ part of the helmet. It is mostly made fromContinue reading “Helmets Expire – By B.G”


I am a motorcyclist and I have the power of invisibility, and so do you. That’s the intro from Lil Rye of Fortnine who presents this post on their YouTube channel. How are we invisible to other road users? 1. Saccades Quick eye movements from A to B and everything between the movements is invisible.Continue reading “Invisibility”

Movember – ED and Mental Health

We men embarrass easily. Less than 5% of African men will talk to their doctors about erectile dysfunction (ED). Their is no clear connection between long hours on a motorcycle riding and ED or infertility. The reason riding may cause ED is that the seat puts constant pressure on the perineum—the area between the genitalsContinue reading “Movember – ED and Mental Health”

Death! Issa just a scratch..

I am perplexed at the mad rush motorcycle riders especially Bodas and couriers have on our mad roads. ‘Teke Teke Buda, nimechelewa’ ‘Hiyo order inafaa kufika in 15 minutes ‘ The rate of accidents resulting in death or disability from Motorcycles is rising. But no, these riders think that death is something you can comeContinue reading “Death! Issa just a scratch..”