Celebrating women in motorcycling- Anna Katrin

Hadithi Picha’s photo series Women and Motorcycles features Anna Katrin, another one of our InkedBiker former trainees.

Here is a snippet from the original blog post:

In our third segment of the series Women and Motorcycles we feature Anna Katrin. It was amazing that we did Anna’s story just as she was about to leave Kenya for good. However, what’s more fascinating is the fact that her riding story began here in Kenya. Let’s get to know more of Anna’s experience beneath the helmet:

When did you start riding and what motivated you to take up riding ?

I started riding about one-and-a-half years ago. Riding had always been at the back of my mind since I got my driver’s license at the age of 18. However, getting a riding license was a costly affair in Germany at the time and I therefore decided to be content with driving a car. Things looked up when I moved to Nairobi. I became good friends with a Kenyan lady biker and that is when my inspiration to ride was set ablaze again. It was finally time to do it and I am glad I went for it.

Did you have to go through formal training? How was the training experience ?

I enrolled for training at the InkedBiker Rider Training. I got hooked to the fun of riding a bike from the very moment I sat on the bike. My excitement made me want to hit the road on my second day of learning how to ride. The instructors where simply amazing and encouraged one to enjoy biking while at the same time placing great emphasis on rider safety.

To read more about her biking journey, head over to Hadithi Picha’s Post


A Global Connection – Lady Biker Stories

Thomas L. Friedman was on to something when he said The World is Flat!

Having a conversation from Nairobi in the BBC World Service studios with Ola Trzaskowska of http://advfactory.com in Warsaw, Poland brings it home.

What a fantastic and inspiring conversation.  How different the culture and geography and yet, how similar the stories, the experiences, the learnings, the adventure, the risks, the opportunities, the connection!…I could go on and on, for the love and joys of riding!

Thanks to the BBC World Service radio show ‘’Bikers’’  today 19th June, 2017 on  The Conversation –

Listen to the show and let’s chat!


Mrs. Naomi Irungu