Death! Issa just a scratch..

I am perplexed at the mad rush motorcycle riders especially Bodas and couriers have on our mad roads. ‘Teke Teke Buda, nimechelewa’ ‘Hiyo order inafaa kufika in 15 minutes ‘ The rate of accidents resulting in death or disability from Motorcycles is rising. But no, these riders think that death is something you can comeContinue reading “Death! Issa just a scratch..”

Training Day @ceri_kanja

Tuesday Trials – Instructor’s Diary

Being a Motorcycle Safety Instructor is not easy.  Sure most of you out here think riding is simply about controls and manoeuvres. Add a lot of mental processing, hand holding,  morale boosting, pep talks, reality checks,  dragon (resistance) fights, a bit of counselling ……Everyone is teachable , though it often involves clearing one’s mind ,Continue reading “Tuesday Trials – Instructor’s Diary”