Ride Your Own Ride by Lucy Monyenye

Riding my own ride I can’t stand vibrations, let alone vibrations in between my legs!! Hold up, get your head out of the gutter, you dirty little soul😈. We will get back to the vibrations shortly. I have been riding for a while now, hit 3,000kms!!!🥳🥳 and I have had a top speed of 107kphContinue reading “Ride Your Own Ride by Lucy Monyenye”

Training Day @ceri_kanja

Uncertainty and Fear Unmasked- Guest Post by Biker Chic Muthoni

You’re probably thinking this is one of those long posts about a fictional journey, or maybe not. Either way, it all comes together eventually. Uncertainty causes fear in most of us, on a daily basis perhaps but we learn to live in a routine until we “trip” into an unplanned occurrence. My story is noContinue reading “Uncertainty and Fear Unmasked- Guest Post by Biker Chic Muthoni”

A Biker’s Girlfriend – Guest Post by Njix

  There’s everything sassy about a biker boyfriend… Sound bike knowledge, vast riding experience, priority to safety, ‘always prepared’, love for motorcycles and adventure, in control, to mention but a few endearing fundamentals of a great biker. Used to the comfort and speed of an almost-sports-car, being a cager (now I reckon), I was cluelessContinue reading “A Biker’s Girlfriend – Guest Post by Njix”

My Wind Seeking Ways -Guest Post by Biker Girl Melissa

I am still getting used to this blogging story so here we go! Anyone who knows me knows i am a wind seeker for sure, most of them know the Kiting side but that’s a story for a different forum 🙂 . I always knew i would be a biker one day from when IContinue reading “My Wind Seeking Ways -Guest Post by Biker Girl Melissa”