Light wallet, Heavy Bike!

There is always something else that you just have to get. Something that you want but don’t really need. New accessories for your bike, new riding gear, small things, big things. That will make either you or the bike or both of you look way cooler. Expenses, planned or not, rational or not, are stillContinue reading “Light wallet, Heavy Bike!”

Masomo Monday – TSD ( Total Stopping Distance)

Total Stopping Distance is a sum of 3 parts. 1. Perception Distance 2. Reaction Distance (1&2 are referred as Thinking Distance) 3. Braking Distance Actual thinking distance varies according to the speed of the bike, your physical and mental condition, your attentiveness and whether or bit you were expecting something to happen. Good anticipation givesContinue reading “Masomo Monday – TSD ( Total Stopping Distance)”

Inked Bikers – 100 Plus Meet Up

It is finally here. Our 100 plus Meet Up lunch. Thank you to all our clients for choosing Inked Biker Rider Training for your Motorcycle Safety needs. Thank you to Saidi of Geared Ke, Steve Perkins of The Nairobi Bike Centre , Diana of Hero Bikes , David of Bikers Garage, Beatrice of Car &Continue reading “Inked Bikers – 100 Plus Meet Up”