Ride Your Own Ride by Lucy Monyenye

Riding my own ride I can’t stand vibrations, let alone vibrations in between my legs!! Hold up, get your head out of the gutter, you dirty little soul😈. We will get back to the vibrations shortly. I have been riding for a while now, hit 3,000kms!!!πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ and I have had a top speed of 107kphContinue reading “Ride Your Own Ride by Lucy Monyenye”

Celebrating women in motorcycling- Damaris

As we await to commemorate the International Female Riders Day in May 5, 2018, we continue to celebrate women in motorcycling. Today’s Hadithi Picha feature highlights Damaris’ motorcycling journey. Here is a snippet from the original blog post: Damaris graces our fourth feature in our amazing photo series, Women and Motorcycles. She is one adventureContinue reading “Celebrating women in motorcycling- Damaris”

Biker Events – Dos & Don’t by Sultan

Masomo Monday by Sultan. Good morning. It was a pleasure meeting lots of you jana while others like Constah⁩ were hiding. Leo ni Masomo Monday and I will be sharing my thoughts on such gatherings. What to look for in biker gatherings like the AGM and the Bikers Prayer day. There is a famous sayingContinue reading “Biker Events – Dos & Don’t by Sultan”

Guardian Bell

I got my first ever guardian bell today, thank you Juliana.  According to the folklore,  The Guardian Bell is given to you by another person that cares for you. It is to be mounted low on the bike to ward of the evil biker gremlins that cause all sorts of issues on your bike andContinue reading “Guardian Bell”