Track Days – Dr Jinx

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, slay-queens and slayed-kings. Welcome to another Masomo Monday. Inked edition. Today we are going to discuss the latest trend in our motorcycle community….”Track Days” Uuuuuu… gets me all tingly inside just saying it. Track days. Now whisper into your lover’s ear… track day beybey. Let’s jump right… Continue reading Track Days – Dr Jinx

Knowing your Motorcycle by Dr Jinx

Masomo Monday!!! Back with a bang… a bang so bad ass it will make a gixxer with a through pipe slap it’s momma. Anyhooooooo… Back to class. Today, your lecturer is me…Jinx. And we are going to cover Knowing your motorcycle. It sounds pretty basic, but you will be surprised how little you know about… Continue reading Knowing your Motorcycle by Dr Jinx