The Second Date – Part II by Monyenye

Hello there, welcome back! While we were taking a commercial break… I rode a VW bike and my pal a Benz bike and we were having so much fun testing the bikes abilities. Only for me to wake up in bed!😀 Just hope I was not making Vroom noises πŸ™ˆ lest my neighbours must haveContinue reading “The Second Date – Part II by Monyenye”

React, Respond, Initiate

What will you do next?? The first almost always leads to bad outcomes. When things are uncertain it’s easy to react. Responding is smarter, it forces you to think about the action to take once you identify a hazard. It’s also easy to get into a rhythm of responding, to others’ actions and movements. HowContinue reading “React, Respond, Initiate”

How I got Leh’d – Riding to the land of the Lama by Victor

Sitting next to this big dude from Myanmar on a bus ride earlier in January this year, the man was curious about Kenya and in the midst of our conversation I shared my plan to scale Mt. Everest (Base camp or advanced base camp if time permitted) sometime in August. He recommended, having done aContinue reading “How I got Leh’d – Riding to the land of the Lama by Victor”

Verdant Gardens – Ghana to Burkina Faso Return – by Abdi Zeila (Part 1)

Trip report (Accra-Kumasi-Tamale, 660 kms so far) I have a 200cc Chinese-made β€˜Royal’ brand motorbike. This brand is the most popular in Ghana, with the majority of okada men in Accra riding the 125 and 150cc variants. It is very cheap to maintain and rides well. The only downside is the high fuel consumption whilstContinue reading “Verdant Gardens – Ghana to Burkina Faso Return – by Abdi Zeila (Part 1)”

Overtaking on Kenyan Roads – An itch you can’t resist scratching!

Someone once told me that Kenyan drivers don’t feel like they are driving unless they are overtaking. I believe this applies to motorcyclists too. We have all experienced this and been guilty of it at some point. It’s our National pride, what’s the opposite of pride? Ah yes shame. Our National shame. Just a dayContinue reading “Overtaking on Kenyan Roads – An itch you can’t resist scratching!”