Overtaking on Kenyan Roads – An itch you can’t resist scratching!

Someone once told me that Kenyan drivers don’t feel like they are driving unless they are overtaking. I believe this applies to motorcyclists too. We have all experienced this and been guilty of it at some point. It’s our National pride, what’s the opposite of pride? Ah yes shame. Our National shame. Just a dayContinue reading “Overtaking on Kenyan Roads – An itch you can’t resist scratching!”

Lane Splitting -by Dr Jinx

Let’s dive into the safety issue… Well , the Kenyan Traffic Act says it is illegal and the enforcers of the law would like nothing more but to throw us in prison. Let’s take the California guide to lane splitting. Makes sense right…now that’s what the NTSA should be doing. When the filtering in stoppedContinue reading “Lane Splitting -by Dr Jinx”

Uncertainty and Fear Unmasked- Guest Post by Biker Chic Muthoni

You’re probably thinking this is one of those long posts about a fictional journey, or maybe not. Either way, it all comes together eventually. Uncertainty causes fear in most of us, on a daily basis perhaps but we learn to live in a routine until we “trip” into an unplanned occurrence. My story is noContinue reading “Uncertainty and Fear Unmasked- Guest Post by Biker Chic Muthoni”