Masomo Monday – How do you correctly carry a pillon?

This weeks’ Masomo Monday is a question from Rhoda on how to correctly carry a pillon, feel free to comment.

Is there an art to pillioning while lanesplitting. I was pillioning my friend today and even though she’s light I was struggling with the bike in traffic?


Motorcycling 101: How to pick up a dropped bike.

There are 101 ways you can drop your bike. And your first instinct will be to rush and pick up your bike before anyone sees you.

The adrenaline rush, screaming engine, ears ringing with embarrassment , your pride in the dumps…you grab both handle bar grips and pull up the bike.

If you have a light street bike. .you may pull this off without hurting yourself. .but it most cases you will get hurt.

The following video with Christine aptly address that scenario. It is by no means exhaustive, but it is a start.

Yes its for all riders guys too..breaking your backs trying to pick up 200 plus Kg bikes.

Points to remember.
1. Get crash bar guards or sliders for your bike .
2. Put the side stand down before raising the bike.
3. Make sure the bike is in gear if you can get to the shifter.

Ride Safe