Bajaj Boxer X150 Owners’ Review 

The Breakdown 

This is a perfect starter bike for anyone looking for a commuter bike that can also handle off the road terrain. As usual you get fantastic gas mileage out of this motorcycle.


  1. Raised Mudguard and semi knobby tyres
  2. Excellent gas mileage
  3. Sturdy suspension
  4. Easy to service and maintain
  5. Cheap , affordable purchase price


  1. Soft as butter front brakes
  2. Sensitive throttle
  3. 4 speed gearbox
  4. Drum brakes front and rear

The Review 

The Bajaj Boxer X150 is the right fit for that new motorcyclist learning the basics of riding.

It is the ideal and affordable starter motorcycle with semi knobby tyres and raised mudguard , capable of handling mud , sand , and other rough terrains on and off the road.

Our bike has 9750 kms on the odometer so far. Regular service at the manufacturer recommended intervals have kept it running smoothly. Had the front and rear drum brakes replaced due to normal wear.   We have not experienced any major issues despite the heavy use as a training bike. And the occasional use as an off road bike.

Price and Dealers 

In Kenya it is sold by Mark Holdings Kenya , who have several branches across the major cities.  As per their website , the price is Ksh 112,300/-. Making it among the cheapest 150cc motorcycle on the market.

Inked Biker Rider Training & Boxer  X150. 

The Bajaj Boxer X150 is part of the bikes to choose from when you sign up for the Learn to Ride course.

As you can see below, We have redesigned the seat to fit smaller riders , making it one of our shortest and lightweight bikes for training.

The 150cc engine provides enough power for cruising around the streets and can even get you around on the highway.  The bike is lightweight and is incredibly easy to maneuver at low speeds.

With the modification of the seat , the bike is perfect for smaller riders , you can lower the seat height by 2 inches.


Awesome fuel efficiency,  the 11 litre tank will give you quite a range between full tanks. The semi knobby tyres and raised mudguard make it a capable all terrain bike. Cheap to buy.  Easy to maintain. Lightweight and easy to ride


The current four gear transmission in an all down pattern sucks,  why not a 5 gear in the international sequence. The front drum brake is practically useless,  disc brakes would have made a world of difference. Being a lightweight you do get blown about on the highway a lot.


Check the Mark Holdings Kenya website

Ride Safe



Learn to Ride


Motivation is not a one size fits all package deal, anyone who chooses to learn to ride has his or her own individual reason for it.

Regardless of the reason you will need to study ,practice and focus to successfully gain riding skills. It is not an easy task and motivation to continue will not come out of the blue. 

Your motivation to learn to ride needs to be exciting,  inspiring and relevant. 

You will need Passion to kick start your motivation   If you approach learning to ride as a task , motivation will be harder to achieve.  The key to overcoming this is finding your passion by drawing inspiration from your everyday life.

Immersion works because it plays off of your interests and passions. Try watching YouTube videos of bikers in training. Watch MotorGP,  Superbike Circuit and many more videos, documentaries and TV shows out there.

Variety as you progress ,  you will find new things to motivate you and uncover previously unknown interests and passions within your learning process. 


One of the reason many people lose motivation when learning to ride is the common perception that it is too difficult.  The thought of learning to ride can be intimidating compared to the idea of learning to drive. This is not because driving is easier ; rather, the perception is that there are more resources available for drivers than there are for riders.

There are a great many resources available for those learning to ride. These fantastic resources will provide great reference points to utilize when you need some extra motivation to stay focused.

Sign up with InkedBiker Rider Training on 0722476010 or 0733770598 and I will share the resources to help you learn to ride.

Ride Safe !