React, Respond, Initiate

What will you do next?? The first almost always leads to bad outcomes. When things are uncertain it’s easy to react. Responding is smarter, it forces you to think about the action to take once you identify a hazard. It’s also easy to get into a rhythm of responding, to others’ actions and movements. HowContinue reading “React, Respond, Initiate”

Straight Line Braking -D.E.B A.

The only way for a rider to achieve true proficiency in straight line emergency braking of a motorcycle is to practice long enough and hard enough to make the procedure a matter of habit. In my motorcycle 101 training sessions I aim to incorporate straight line braking as a mandatory session for this habit toContinue reading “Straight Line Braking -D.E.B A.”


To assist you perform a comprehensive pre-ride or pre-purchase inspection of your motorcycle , use this simple  and easily memorable mnemonic from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 1.Tires and Wheels Check Air Pressure , Brakes , Bearings, Spokes and Brakes 2. Controls Check Levers , Cables , Switches , Hoses and Throttle 3. Lights and Electrics CheckContinue reading “T – CLOCS”

Under powered – knowing your limitations

I happened again yesterday . I missed making the turn into the Likoni road extension from Mombasa road. I usually make two turns on Mombasa road, one from Eka hotel  onto the highway and the other from the highway into Likoni road extension. This is the second time it has happened to me in twoContinue reading “Under powered – knowing your limitations”