Death! Issa just a scratch..

I am perplexed at the mad rush motorcycle riders especially Bodas and couriers have on our mad roads. ‘Teke Teke Buda, nimechelewa’ ‘Hiyo order inafaa kufika in 15 minutes ‘ The rate of accidents resulting in death or disability from Motorcycles is rising. But no, these riders think that death is something you can comeContinue reading “Death! Issa just a scratch..”

Bajaj Boxer X150 Owners’ Review 

The Breakdown  This is a perfect starter bike for anyone looking for a commuter bike that can also handle off the road terrain. As usual you get fantastic gas mileage out of this motorcycle. Pros Raised Mudguard and semi knobby tyres Excellent gas mileage Sturdy suspension Easy to service and maintain Cheap , affordable purchaseContinue reading “Bajaj Boxer X150 Owners’ Review “