Ride Your Own Ride by Lucy Monyenye

Riding my own ride I can’t stand vibrations, let alone vibrations in between my legs!! Hold up, get your head out of the gutter, you dirty little soul😈. We will get back to the vibrations shortly. I have been riding for a while now, hit 3,000kms!!!🥳🥳 and I have had a top speed of 107kphContinue reading “Ride Your Own Ride by Lucy Monyenye”

Our First Long Distance Ride – Vienna & Justine

Vienna I live in Kiambu county…along Limuru Road, as soon as I heard that the area had a nyumba kumi…I started looking for admins to add me to the group…and before you know it, there was a ride being organized to Oloiden Campsite in Naivasha. I have to say, at this point the thought ofContinue reading “Our First Long Distance Ride – Vienna & Justine”

I am NOT an organ donor

Is there a safe space for motorcyclists on our roads? The following is an excerpt from a conversation we had with Mimie below, who finished her rider training and bought her bike a few weeks ago. My first days of riding I got mixed reactions everywhere. When leaving home I dropped the bike because itContinue reading “I am NOT an organ donor”

Guide to Dating a Biker – a girl’s POV

Everyone thinks bikers look cool- even my mum (. There’s something that evokes a sense of danger and freedom at the same time that calls out to you. And if you are the girl or boy dating a biker, you are the envy of all the girls or boys. You could both be bikers, whichContinue reading “Guide to Dating a Biker – a girl’s POV”

The Throttle Queens Nairobi to Kigali Experience – Planning for a Motorcycle Trip

Destination Where are you planning on riding to? We were planning a ride to Kigali, Rwanda, which is approximately 1200km from Nairobi. Kigali became our destination point randomly. We were having a discussion after riding to Moshi, Tanzania noting that our COMESAs were going to expire after a year and we wanted to travel toContinue reading “The Throttle Queens Nairobi to Kigali Experience – Planning for a Motorcycle Trip”