Return of thought

I came across this blog by Vivacious yesterday! And Its title accurately reflects my current situation!

After 7 years in the Insurance industry am finally ready and willing to move on and out.
It’s am awakening from such deep slumber.

I feel   
Fearful yet exhilarated. My long dormant brain cells firing up! Like my Yamaha virago 250 that has been lying unused and covered up waiting for a rebuild and make over.

Psyched, I haven’t taken any risks in a long time, and commuting on a bike daily losses its novelty after a while.  Its time,  I added a couple of more tattoos,  got rid of others via laser, rebuilt my virago, did that coasto trip on the DR650, bought that Suzuki boulevard S50 at the show room on Kijabe Street , get a girlfriend / wife 🙂

What my friends say!
C, my bosom buddy is supportive but urging caution. That quitting work at the end of the year to go to school for an IT degree (yeah! ) ,is too large a risk.
How will I support myself, pay school fees?  My savings can only go so far!
That I should consider evening classes instead …safe, so safe!

Dee Dee says ‘ go for it dude ,sell the farm, buy a house and rent it out, use the balance of that money for school ‘ ,yeah, she’s cool as ice and twice and nice ..he he he!

I pray
That the Lord guides my strategy, its my time to ship out.  Am done with my family  obligations,  sis and bro are all settled in States,  old man is getting along with his now not so new wife.  I have no kids,  wife or galfie (sad).
If not now ,then when?

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Gym – Found

Aaaaaahhh , relief! Finally found another gym. And its Awesome , bigger than my previous gym (takes up a whole wing) . Better and newer equipment , and even better all for the same monthly subscription fee.

Motivation , oh thats in plenty . My gal crush from my prior gym made the transition with me ,( can i get a yeah!) Now to upgrade from smileys 🙂 to actual speech .

Still on motivation , on day one met this seriously buff dude called Ali ,  who did a full body work out in only an hour in the gym , intense and paced , wow! So we got talking and he linked me up to a  5 week , 3 workouts per week,  beginners full body workout program , and am loving it.

Goal , to look like this dude above in a year or four , got introduced to supplements too , Creatine and Whey protein . But the prices are crazy , 9k for 2kg jar of Creatine powder , 7-8k for same size Whey protein jar.  And this is about 30 servings of each , so that will last me 6 weeks and cost 15k ?? sigh!

And last but not least , the gym is only a 10 minute ride from my place of work , so i continue borrowing a little more of my employers’ time over lunch.