Her Me!

When will I find her me?

She mirrors my smile , my heart , my all.
Crazy to love , worth risking the fall.

My equal , my peer , my friend , my dear .
My mansion, my hut, my car, my bike.
My cares are blessed,the Lord provides.

My days are filled , my dreams have life. 
My cats delight for play she is right.

My first child, a girl, like dad in light!
My mum reborn,  her name lives on.

My wishes, my tears ,my lips to God’s ears.
Her name, her me, she is all I hold dear.

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Knot so Random

I got tagged , yeah! I was catching up with my blog roll , the bloggers i follow and read are simply awesome, and as i read Kawi’s blog , found she had tagged me on a chain post . Thank you Kawi i will try my best to honor it..

Trying to come up with 7 Random facts about me that i have never said out loud tied me up in knots.

1. I love cats , i have 2 male brown/red Maine moon cats DMH, 1 male white/black spots Chartreux Cat DSH , 1 female white/brown spots Manx cat DSH. And 3 kittens which i will give out when weaned. They all have cattitude and rule the house.

2. I can chart life lines , tell your destiny in cards and read palms. But i only do this as amusing par lour games and ice breakers coz i have been called a sorcerer once or twice smh.

3. I give a lot , at times to my detriment , blame my mum for her generous loving heart. This got my pal to give me a must read book on Boundaries (When to say yes , How to say no).

4. I have been in numerous street fights , got the scars , stab wounds and war stories to prove this. Most been sports related , usually sour losers in hockey , football and basket ball .

5. I love prayer , it refreshes and rejuvenates , but at times i shy away from praying for people who need it , especially in public …working on this though.

6. I fall in love easily , so i have learnt to guard my heart. And most times i appear belligerent and  hard core , but in truth am like an eclair , hard on the outside , soft and sweet in the inside.

7. When/if dating , my cats constitute part of my dating criteria . If she doesn’t like cats or / and my cats don’t take to her , its pretty much a dud. No wonder  my relationships are far and few in between 😦

Knot so random eh?

And i hereby tag the rest of my blogging pals Kawi may have left out.

Savvy Kenya , urbane kenyan , Shiko Msa , BintiM , return of  thought

And to use words from coloured in sepia ,

please link to those blogs..they have amazing posts and also to Coloured in Sepia (linked at the beginning above) do your own post and put a link in the comments..

The DR

……. At first sight.

Even before  i met her i had heard of her outstanding reputation for being, trouble-free . Of course, it should go without saying that effort and hard work  is the key to that, and i thank the Lord he  made my life easy in that regard. She is  remarkably friendly , well designed (nice curves), bila-stress, smooth as ice and twice as nice.

Nothing’s perfect, though…

When i saw her , i thought she would be taller , when i heard her i thought she would be louder. But i will say this , she was a looker , still is.

She has been through a lot. The men in her past have not been good to her . Here i come in hero to the rescue .

The Trade In

The guy who brokered the deal  brought us together was as shifty as they come , not well  at all known for his clean deals , so why was i even talking to him ? Well i wanted to move on up with as little effort and expense possible and this was too good to pass up.

Her current man wanted to dump her and employed his services to do so as fast and pain free as possible.

So we swapped my then lady for her .

Darn it i felt i got played then , well i dont think so now . We have been together for the last two years and Lord knows i have put in a lot of time and resources on her to get here .

Ignore her to your peril , so i learned. There was a time i got too busy for her , work and school commitments . Eh , she left me on the side of the road , luckily it was just a 3 km walk home . As i said , nothing’s perfect.

Return of thought

I came across this blog by Vivacious yesterday! And Its title accurately reflects my current situation!

After 7 years in the Insurance industry am finally ready and willing to move on and out.
It’s am awakening from such deep slumber.

I feel   
Fearful yet exhilarated. My long dormant brain cells firing up! Like my Yamaha virago 250 that has been lying unused and covered up waiting for a rebuild and make over.

Psyched, I haven’t taken any risks in a long time, and commuting on a bike daily losses its novelty after a while.  Its time,  I added a couple of more tattoos,  got rid of others via laser, rebuilt my virago, did that coasto trip on the DR650, bought that Suzuki boulevard S50 at the show room on Kijabe Street , get a girlfriend / wife 🙂

What my friends say!
C, my bosom buddy is supportive but urging caution. That quitting work at the end of the year to go to school for an IT degree (yeah! ) ,is too large a risk.
How will I support myself, pay school fees?  My savings can only go so far!
That I should consider evening classes instead …safe, so safe!

Dee Dee says ‘ go for it dude ,sell the farm, buy a house and rent it out, use the balance of that money for school ‘ ,yeah, she’s cool as ice and twice and nice ..he he he!

I pray
That the Lord guides my strategy, its my time to ship out.  Am done with my family  obligations,  sis and bro are all settled in States,  old man is getting along with his now not so new wife.  I have no kids,  wife or galfie (sad).
If not now ,then when?

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