Celebrating women in motorcycling – Rahab

The post IFRD fever is still on and we continue to share more amazing women who are proving that motorcycle riding is for all. Next up is Rahab. Here is a snippet of her feature in Hadithi Picha’s original blog post:

“Our Women and Motorcycles photo series this week features Rahab. She has an adventurous spirit and loves anything that will take her outdoors, breathing the fresh air. She believes that there is so much to see and do in this world, one lifetime is not enough. An avid runner, she also plans to climb Mt Everest in the near future. She would go running in Antarctica and at the Everest Base camp. Her riding story is one to inspire you:

When did you start riding and what motivated you to take up riding ?

My bike arrived in the country in March 2016 and I slowly started riding then. My main motivation was to beat traffic. Back then it used to take me about an hour or more to get to the office and I was tired of it. I wanted to wake up, go for my morning run and still make it to work on time. And guess what? A bike was the perfect solution. The idea of taking long, out-of-town rides was also very appealing. I am a sucker for the outdoors and a bike would have me experience more of this.

Did you have to go through formal training? How was the training experience ?

I started by enrolling in one of the driving schools and took the practical classes. I however did not learn much though;  they just teach the basics, enough for you to pass the Government riding exam and that’s it. I later had to supplement that training with another course at the 2×2 Motorcycle training school. That’s where I got the skills to ride alone on these busy roads. I have also had an additional training session with Malibu from  InkedBikers. I believe that with motorcycling there is always something to improve on when it comes to your riding skills.

To read more about her biking journey, head over to Hadithi Picha’s Post



Biker Events – Dos & Don’t by Sultan

Masomo Monday by Sultan.
Good morning. It was a pleasure meeting lots of you jana while others like Constah⁩ were hiding. Leo ni Masomo Monday and I will be sharing my thoughts on such gatherings.
What to look for in biker gatherings like the AGM and the Bikers Prayer day.
There is a famous saying in my mother tongue that you should never marry on a wedding day. This is because everyone is dressed to kill. Makeup kilo kumi na nguo ya kuazima.

Biker gatherings like the AGM and Prayer day are very healthy for social interaction. You get to hear the stories of veterans. Like Webman and the likes who have been riding for the past 40years.

You also get the opportunity to meet the so called talented riders who were self taught and now they roll with dem big boys.
Praising their Robort abilities vile wako na machuma kwa mwili as a mark of honor. The way they are the kings of the road vile he went to Mombasa in 4 hours on an Apache now with his blue gixxer he can go to Costo in 2 hours.
In my opinion I think these are the do’s and don’ts in such an event.
1. Meet as many bikers as possible. Enjoy their storos and maybe in your other life you can use them for a skit in a movie.
2. For the pillionaires who are still looking for bikes, get to window shop for bikes. It is an opportunity to see what the market has to offer. Hapo utaona the noisy cruisers that you will have to push mpaka kwa compound ndio usipigie majirani kelele. Off-road bikes zile mashini za kisiagi na za kulima shamba. Sport bikes for those who want to register as organ donors.
3. Get to meet leaders wa nyumba kumis especially Chwa to help you know where you fall and kumbuka usiwaache hadi they add you to the group as some of them are hard to find. Atakama u have to mlilia like a kid who wants a lollipop just do it you will reflect on your manners later in private.
4. Get to shop for gear even if you only own a pillion seat on Ian’s bike. Gear on such days kuna variety but don’t feel the pressure to buy on the same day as most of the sellers have shops that you can later on visit to select what you need.
1. Get tempted to go for a group ride with people you have just met and you don’t know their riding styles. That might be your last ride as others are squids, others have watched lots of you tube videos on how to crush windscreens and we’re looking for the perfect lab rat to do the job.
2. Atakama pesa inakuwasha never buy a bike from such events. Many bikes out there have problems. Others have fake plates, others have underlying problems waiting to be discovered while others everything but the paint job is a problem. Never go by the looks as looks can be deceiving. This is an opportunity to window shop and ask for advise on the types of bikes out there. Sit on it with permission from the owner to know the perfect bike for you. There those who are height disadvantaged and might want to see which bike is ideal for their heights.
3. Don’t just join any group you find out there. Get to know your what you like usikimbilie dirt masters coz you saw an advert that said dirt is good yet you own a ZMR. Some people have the desire to belong to any group that can have them. This is the worst thing you can event do to yourself. Do thorough research. Go to AMD or motorcycle Kenya page before the event to see which groups are out there. Do they fit your riding style? What personalities are in that group? Then on the D day come hunting for the group of choice. Please Ian Don’t just join throttle queen coz they you know someone and it’s the only available option or Join Kiambu road and you live in Diaspora ( Rongai) and you don’t even use that route as they might not be of help to you.
4. Don’t keep to your self. Ati oh me ni introvert. Biking is all about socializing. Be known and know others. You never know who shall come to your help in your time of need.
Remember it is very healthy and very important to attend such events as it builds your personal networks also. Bikers are very successful individuals from all walks of life. You never know where you will meet them without gear.
Na mtu asiseme ati I told them to go job hunting in these events. Cheers.