Motorcycling 101: How to pick up a dropped bike.

There are 101 ways you can drop your bike. And your first instinct will be to rush and pick up your bike before anyone sees you. The adrenaline rush, screaming engine, ears ringing with embarrassment , your pride in the dumps…you grab both handle bar grips and pull up the bike. If you have aContinue reading “Motorcycling 101: How to pick up a dropped bike.”

Yes, ATGATT By Sultan Mustafa.

Last Thursday morning, I decided that knee guards are not meant for Ninjas like me. The office route seemed to be shorter and decided to use a longer route for a thrill.  I decided to go bump jumping. I get a thrill when springing my bike down then launching it in the air.  Let’s sayContinue reading “Yes, ATGATT By Sultan Mustafa.”

Training Day @ceri_kanja

Choosing Your First Bike by Dr Jinx

“Sorry for the late class but… WELCOME TO MASOMO MONDAY! Can I get a glory hallelujah. We are hiyaaa!! To spread the motorcycle philosophyiiiiaaah! The two wheels is the wayiiiaaaay! Can I get a glory carburetoriiiyaaah?” Topic for today… Choosing your first bike Several guys are graduating with flying colours from the Inked Riding SchoolContinue reading “Choosing Your First Bike by Dr Jinx”