Light wallet, Heavy Bike!

There is always something else that you just have to get. Something that you want but don’t really need.

New accessories for your bike, new riding gear, small things, big things. That will make either you or the bike or both of you look way cooler.

Expenses, planned or not, rational or not, are still a draw on your income. And all these easy money from mobile credit apps don’t help. Soon your wallet is all moth balls and old receipts. Just sad!

At what point do you invest in yourself, spend money on improving your riding skills sets. Identify a niche you may want to pursue and get professional training?

Or simply get better at your current riding routine. When does it ever become important to learn more and be better.

Like never, right? That’s why Trainings like Bladedoc track training days and Off-road East Africa training and Skid School have such low turn outs.

But guys and gals will still race on public roads, ride off the beaten track, go trail riding. With the same skills they had from when they did their basic rider training, if they were so lucky.

Coz y’all are experts now. Hospital visits and burials for those in crashes that could have been avoided if that knuckle head had put more hours in addition training , suck big time. Please Ask for help and assistance in addressing any riding challenges you have and make the effort to grow your riding skills.

Ride Safe

Published by Inked Biker

my vision is to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by providing quality training for current and prospective riders, and advocating a safer riding environment in Kenya.

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