I am a motorcyclist and I have the power of invisibility, and so do you.

That’s the intro from Lil Rye of Fortnine who presents this post on their YouTube channel.

How are we invisible to other road users?

1. Saccades

Quick eye movements from A to B and everything between the movements is invisible. And most if the time motorcyclists are the space between the movements.

2. Selective Attention

Motorcyclist should be conspicuous, we are non threatening and less important for a car driver to be aware of.

High viz vests in yellow, white or green, use if your lights and your horn enhance your visibility on the Road.

3. Peripheral Blindness

Car drivers have severely constricted visual fields, be extra careful around residential areas. Use movement such as hand signals and flashing your lights to make other road users aware of your presence.

4. Beam Blindness

Be aware of blindspots of cars due to the window frame beams and stay clear of them.

5. Contrast Blindness

Be aware of your shadow points, such as when the sun is in your back know that you are invisible to an oncoming car.

Ride Safe