Our First Long Distance Ride – Vienna & Justine


I live in Kiambu county…along Limuru Road, as soon as I heard that the area had a nyumba kumi…I started looking for admins to add me to the group…and before you know it, there was a ride being organized to Oloiden Campsite in Naivasha. I have to say, at this point the thought of hitting the highway scared me and I kept saying to myself I am not ready!

Fast-forward to D-day, I literally woke up at 2am not knowing how I would handle the ride on the HIGHWAY and anxiety is real.

JustineI really second and third guessed myself about this camping trip. Riding to Naivasha was going to be such an accomplishment in my life, but the thought riding on that highway was terrifying and nerve wrecking especially when my Nyumba Kumi (NK) said we will use the Mai Mahiu route. Driving on that road just gives me the chills, so I imagined myself riding and going downhill then sticking both legs out to avoid ramming into a trailer should I chicken out and fail to hit the brakes but instead throttle on. So just like Vienna , I couldn’t sleep, anxiety was at another level, despite psyching ourselves up for the ride. Riding to the meeting point, I was still not sure, I was going to do it, but I went anyway and met my fellow riders who had more riding experience , yes now I consider myself experienced after this trip. Doreen and Robert Kyalo in my NK that gave me their bunjee cords to tie my backpack, thank you so much, you literally took the weight off my shoulder, literally. It was great riding without a bag on my shoulders and all that weight it had (I still don’t know what was making the bag heavy, perhaps I had packed too much fear in there that was going to be dumped in the lake)…Vienna
The group met in Ruaka at Total Roselyn petrol station…and the journey began! I have to mention at this point that we were about 3 riders who had not done the highway…We opted for the Banana, Tigoni to Limuru route as it is a smooth and scenic route, however we encountered a little bit of rain but we pushed on! We had a brief stop at the view point and got a few tips from the more experienced riders. Somewhere in Kinungi area we encountered some serious fog and of course with this low visibility (I had never experienced this) at this point, I kept thinking I did not sign up for this and contemplating my life choices Jesus! But riding on low speeds, we waded through this cloud like champs (Thanks to the experienced riders)! The next thing I saw was a barrier “Welcome to Nakuru County”..If I could have had an opportunity for a happy dance, I would have parked my Bike on the side of the road and danced! I did scream inside my helmet that I could not believe I made it and that we were all safe with no incidents!

JustineThe Banana-Tigoni road, is such a beautiful road to ride on but I was not enjoying the ride as it was raining lightly. But since I decided to face my fears, I had to ride on and make sure the weather doesn’t dampen my courage . The million times I prayed underneath my helmet for God to bring sunshine, little did I know that He was preparing me for the fog ahead. The weather went from bad to worse and my prayers from a million to gazillion times. The fog was one I have never experienced, I could only see like about 5metres ahead, thanks to the hazard lights of the rider who was ahead of me. In this moment, I really really really questioned my decision of going on this trip and choices I make in life, like bacon/sausages & bread for breakfast 😁😁 , but by God’s grace we made it through the mist/fog and God answered my gazillion prayers, as after that stretch there was a bit sunshine and we made it safely to Naivasha and Oloiden camp.


We got to Naivasha had a group lunch at the famous Njambis restaurant, passed by Buffalo mall to pick up a few amenities and we started heading out to Oloiden campsite, approximately, 30 Kms past the town…a lot of bumps and potholes as the road is not so great! Did I mention that we spotted some wild animals (read Zebras and Warthogs J) Unfortunately, just before we reached the campsite…I took a serious tumble! Imagine, after coming all the way with no issues…I fell! This is what happened and the series of events as I recall…I saw a bump and it was too late and my first instinct was to slam on my brakes…now I hit the front brakes…BIG BIG mistake! I saw myself down, skidded forward on the not so good road and when I came to a halt, I was trapped under my bike, I call her Alexa. At this point, I am just thinking this did not just happen, please God as I thought I had broken a bone and was just bracing for the sharp pain to kick in! A fellow biker and a motorist who were behind me picked up the bike and I managed to stand…good thing I did not break a limb…ATGATT! Always ATGATT! I was shook and my arm was in pain as I landed on my left shoulder, a rider took me to a local clinic and was cleared of any damage except for some tissue injuries and was given pain killers, made it to the camp and I must mention, the lake view is absolutely breath taking, beautiful and calming. We stayed up and got to know each other in the riding community!


Mai Mahiu Route: Dee had warned me of cross winds but I didn’t think much of them, in my mind, I thought it’s the kind one experiences when riding on Thika Road at 30kph then a Githurai 45 bus overtakes you at 80kph, that kind of wind. These crosswinds were crazy, at one point I had this vision of my bike being carried away and I have the angelic wings as I ride/ am carried away by these winds. We conquered them and now had to deal with the fear of hill balancing as we rode up the curves behind the trucks going at zero speed. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, we aced it really well. I honestly preferred that route to the main highway. I am glad I took this trip and conquered my fears, riding on that stretch as well camping, I always imagine things (read snakes and spiders) crawling into my tent.
This is such a great personal achievement. I sharpened my riding skills, made new friends and had fun.
Lesson learnt from group ride, cheers to the good marshals we had and the other riders on this trip to every rider who cheered me on, thank you. You made the ride smooth and enjoyable.
Parting shot, you can do anything you put your mind to and fear should never stop you, you stop the fear….so sky-diving I here come. 💃


I woke up the next morning and seriously contemplated not riding back to Nairobi…Sema cheering squad…I realized that my fall was nothing compared to what the other riders have gone through. We had our breakfast and started our journey back to Naivasha. The group decided to use the Mai Mahiu route, another stress as I was not ready to deal with the trucks up that hill, how else would I learn, had my pep talk, we said a prayer and off we went! No one prepared us for the CROSS WINDS! I will just leave it at that…Up the hill and back to Limuru and onto the road where we began our journey.

I did learn a great deal from this experience;

1. ATGATT is important! Always have your full gear!

2. When you get to a bump and you have no time to slow down, do not slam on the breaks! Ride over the bump!

3. Lane splitting is not for the faint of heart…I know I will conquer this one day.

4. Make your decision and act on it on a busy high way e.g. when overtaking

5. Group rides are awesome, I felt like I am in a group of big brothers and sisters and coordination is important

6. Shamba! I am now a proud owner of land in Naivasha and prime property at that!😉

Would I do this again, Yes 💃! I am looking forward to more group rides.

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