I am NOT an organ donor

Is there a safe space for motorcyclists on our roads?

The following is an excerpt from a conversation we had with Mimie below, who finished her rider training and bought her bike a few weeks ago.

My first days of riding I got mixed reactions everywhere.

When leaving home I dropped the bike because it lost power as I was ascending with the choke was on (smh). In full sight of my family, so not what I had in mind for day 1.

I then got into work late because it took me an hour and a half to cover a 30 odd kilometers stretch of my commute.

My collegues were already getting into their classes so they were all like, wait up, wow! let’s see this awesome bike and its rider getting into our compound.
As I remove my helmet and they recognize me, all they have to say is “naona umeamua kuwa organ donor”!!!

And when I got home after I had dropped it trying to ascend that morning , mum told me to sell the bike and she shall help top-up the difference to get a small car🤣🤣.
Well I was like just to be stuck in traffic again no thank you.

Many people see motorcyclists as adrenaline junkies and mid life crisis victims. Other road users don’t respect our right to be on the same roads as they are. Incidences of tailgating, brake checking, being pushed off and generally bullied of the roads are on the rise.

We have had candid conversations with several riders who have quit riding as the risks on the road far outweigh the joy of riding.

Is there a safe space for motorcyclists on our roads??

Published by Inked Biker

Our vision is to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by providing quality training for current and prospective riders, and advocating a safer riding environment in Kenya.

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