Guide to Dating a Biker – a girl’s POV

Everyone thinks bikers look cool- even my mum (. There’s something that evokes a sense of danger and freedom at the same time that calls out to you.

And if you are the girl or boy dating a biker, you are the envy of all the girls or boys. You could both be bikers, which has its own set of rules of engagement, or one of you is the biker.

Here’s our mini guide, and not in any order. And ps, don’t take this all too seriously.

First off- expect the unexpected. Biker dudes set up the most romantic dates. You just never know whether you’ll end up going for an outdoor outing at The Forest, or a random ride to Wote twisties. Basically, most of your dates will be outdoors so get used to it.

Be prepared to be jealous a lot! Your girl or guy will always be the one drawing attention. Get comfortable with it, and when you do the indoor dates (read Java and movies) keep your hand close and your attention on your guy/ gal.

You know how cool it looks to be a pillion, bikers make the worst pillions. So just get used to not riding the same car. Get helmet comms so you can tell your partner if you see something interesting to point out. Or learn signals and develop your own sign code.

Dating a biker dude is like dating a Subaru guy- they spend lots of money on their bike, or mostly their gear. When he or she says I’m broke, it could be that he or she splurged on that 15K pair of riding boots or jacket that goes with the helmet.

Don’t take it personally if your partner suggests deodorant- biker jackets smell, as does the helmet, so clean them both regularly. Invest in a couple matching jackets, and look cool together.

When you go to your partner’s place, remove your jacket and please don’t place it on the seats- can you imagine all the gunk it carries?

Don’t be a serial biker dater. Bikers gossip like the Mean Girls. Your story will be everywhere, and even before you date anyone, they will be knowing all about you.

On the same line, if both of you are bikers, try and keep your lives separate- have your own group of friends and haunts. There’s nothing worse than breaking up, everyone knows about it, and you keep running into each other.

The BroCode is real. Much as you can, don’t date a biker’s partner (especially when they are still together). And no revenge dating either. It just creates a vicious cycle.

If you are the kind of person who wants your every call answered and text responded to immediately, you are in for a long wait. Four one, your partner could be riding or using that as an excuse not to respond. So chillax.

Lastly, remember you are not alone. Football widows and salon boyfriends can relate. Be ready to have a lot of me time if you aren’t a Biker, coz Bikers love me time.

That 10 minutes of “I am going out for some milk” could most probably turn into a 3 hour random ride coz he/she metsome guys on the highway. Or they just couldn’t resist the me time the ride offered.

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