Masomo Monday – How do you correctly carry a pillon?

This weeks’ Masomo Monday is a question from Rhoda on how to correctly carry a pillon, feel free to comment.

Is there an art to pillioning while lanesplitting. I was pillioning my friend today and even though she’s light I was struggling with the bike in traffic?


One Reply to “Masomo Monday – How do you correctly carry a pillon?”

  1. I was never sure of what to do until I hosted my first pillion passenger as an inexperienced noob while in University in the U.S. I knew to tell the unsuspecting Rachelle Mtandawira from Zaire ( though her name always sounded suspiciously Zimbabwean to me), to cling to me tightly by my waist….. Oh, not at all because i was being naughty, no, but because I knew that being glued together like that made us a unified body and helped me a tremendous amount in keeping control of a very powerful and reasonably heavy machine. As it was, we arrived for classes early and I got to spend a nice half hour with her at the campus cafeteria. Charming Lady..and funny… The next pillion I hosted was a man, so the old “no touch” rule was like a Berlin Wall between our two male egos, complete with machine gun towers . Moses was already a biker, in fact he could have taught me a thing or two, but I was in my twenties, so was he….so no-one was teaching, and no-one was being taught…we performed like a smooth duet . I learned in both cases that it helps immensely if the passenger is aware of what to do and what not to do. I would say to them, to BE AS A SACK OF POTATOES . Whatever I do as the pilot, you mirror, and NEVER EVER PUT YOUR FEET DOWN, that’s my job. Apart from that little tutorial, I just remain vigilant for the variation of Murphy’s’ Law that drafts in a human component consisting of my unsuspecting pillion…
    That 2 minute briefing of your prospective pillion passenger as well as making damn sure your bike can carry a passenger safely (passenger foot pegs, ample room on the saddle, properly serviced bakes, running gear,appropriate suspension adjustments where your bike type allows this, and all mechanical components, whole), these are the keys to safe pillion passenger hosting….and Oh Yes !!! Be Ye Bloody Sober !!! Or else.

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