Celebrating women in motorcycling – Rahab

The post IFRD fever is still on and we continue to share more amazing women who are proving that motorcycle riding is for all. Next up is Rahab. Here is a snippet of her feature in Hadithi Picha’s original blog post: “Our Women and Motorcycles photo series this week features Rahab. She has an adventurousContinue reading “Celebrating women in motorcycling – Rahab”

IFRD 2018- The view from Behind by Nahya Kuri

The longest distance I have ever ridden was from Ngong road to Karen and back,  during the last road test at inked. After that I heard there was a ride to Kajiado and I thought,  PDL check, just the bike and I’m good to go! Until nikapewa msomo of msomos by the one and onlyContinue reading “IFRD 2018- The view from Behind by Nahya Kuri”

Celebrating women in motorcycling- Agie

We continue to celebrate Women bikers. Another amazing feature by Hadithi Picha. Our alumnus Agie got featured. Here is a snippet of the original blog post: We officially celebrated the IFRD on 5 May but we continue to celebrate extraordinary women (bikers). In our fifth feature we delve into Agie’s motorcycling world. She is aContinue reading “Celebrating women in motorcycling- Agie”

Celebrating women in motorcycling- Damaris

As we await to commemorate the International Female Riders Day in May 5, 2018, we continue to celebrate women in motorcycling. Today’s Hadithi Picha feature highlights Damaris’ motorcycling journey. Here is a snippet from the original blog post: Damaris graces our fourth feature in our amazing photo series, Women and Motorcycles. She is one adventureContinue reading “Celebrating women in motorcycling- Damaris”