Celebrating women in motorcycling- Nyambura

The second leg of Hadithi Picha’s photo series features yet another one of our alumnus.

Here is a snippet from the original blog post:

“Our second feature in the photo series Women and Motorcycles delves into the riding world of Nyambura. If you read the first feature about Peanut, you definitely spotted her in her fierce Kawasaki. Nyambura strikes you as a fearless assertive woman. Inside her free spirited soul is also a curious , cheeky and stubborn lady. She is inspired by the dusty, muddy fresh-aired outdoors. Aside from riding, she is passionate about music, art and loves the company of those who have a wild love for life. Her riding story is one that will inspire you.

When did you start riding and what motivated you to take up riding ?

I began riding in 2016. My love for adventure, fun and freedom thrust me into the riding world. The feeling of getting into the open highways, going to places I have never been, and sometimes getting lost while at it is something that makes me want to take my bike with me always. Riding brings to me fulfillment. I would never trade this. It’s a way of life for me as I also get to meet new people with the same free spirit.

Did you have to go through formal training? How was the training experience ?

I started learning how to ride through adhoc training in the backwoods of Kajiado County. One of my farm employees coached me on a Yamaha 125cc in the open savannah lands. I loved it because the place was free of traffic, with only Masai cattle herds and occasional gazelles and wildebeests. However, I had to later sign up for formal classes at InkedBiker Rider Training in Nairobi so that I would gain proper knowledge and experience when it comes to handling a motorcycle. This also helped me build my confidence when it comes to riding in intense traffic situations such as those in the city. My riding instructor, Mica (DJ Mitch) was remarkable. He trained me to ride a motorcycle as a life lesson.

To read more about her biking journey, head over to Hadithi Picha’s Post

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