Bob and Weave – A Bikers Flight! 

It’s  early Monday morning, and there is mad traffic on your normal commute. 

Why worry! You are on your bike, all fueled up,a lovely turtlewax finish on the tank. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and Bob Marley is singing through your Bluetooth headset as  you filter through all that traffic without a care in the world. Then this happens! 

What! Some random person in casual clothes stops you and pulls the key from your ignition!   Aren’t police officers and county askaris required by law to be in uniform if they are to handle traffic matters?

If your bike is impounded and towed, this is how they carry it. The resulting damage and scratches to your bike is none of their concern.

What to do?. What alternatives are available to you in such a situation? 

These two would most probably work. Though they require you to have cat like reflexes and an escape route planned.

1. Have a spare key that is easily accessible. Use it as you are walking your bike to their tow truck on the side of the road (the usual scenario). 

2. Keyless ignition. Self explanatory.   (Talk to Njeru,  he can install one on any bike)

Ride Safe.


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