Tuesday Trials – Instructor’s Diary

Being a Motorcycle Safety Instructor is not easy. 
Sure most of you out here think riding is simply about controls and manoeuvres.

Add a lot of mental processing, hand holding,  morale boosting, pep talks, reality checks,  dragon (resistance) fights, a bit of counselling ……Everyone is teachable , though it often involves clearing one’s mind , , signing up empty, ready to learn.

Following a good programme works well ,  it helps one not add  their individual quirks and habits based on their riding experiences.

Then there are the times your tasked to your wits end, you get those hair pull out days, you find yourself doubting your teaching skills.

But there is always a happy ending , the joy and pride of seeing your student out on the road on his/her own , a safe and competent rider.

I have no prerequisites , other than you are of sound mind and able bodied. Age is but a number. So get your gear on and have fun.  Yes fun! Sign up and find out.

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