Straight Line Braking -D.E.B A.

The only way for a rider to achieve true proficiency in straight line emergency braking of a motorcycle is to practice long enough and hard enough to make the procedure a matter of habit.

In my motorcycle 101 training sessions I aim to incorporate straight line braking as a mandatory session for this habit to be ingrained in every rider I train.

Let me give you a brief background into how this research was conducted and finally a description of what D.E.B.A is all about.

In January 2004 the Promocycle Foundation at the request of the Federation Motocycliste du Quebec developed a task analysis for intensive braking of a motorcycle in a straight line.

The objective of the research was , based on the appropriate tests , to recommend a standard procedure for a successful emergency stop.

For most part , the methods presently described or taught about the steps to follow for emergency braking of a motorcycle are very general and do not take into account the technical evolution of braking capacity and of tires on modern bikes.

Excluding ABS systems and integral braking systems the focus was on the majority of motorcycles not so equipped.

Test conditions were as follows . Eight experienced riders , two motorcycles; a sports bike and a cruiser both equipped with outriggers. Eight separate day long sessions and a total of 820 tests. From this pool 298 tests corresponding to the selection criteria were retained for compilation of the final report. In order to be selected a test had to be post intensive and continuous braking beginning from a speed equal or superior to 100kmh preceded immediately by a period of acceleration.

Ideal braking. .. D.E.B.A
1.  Deceleration
The rider completely closes the throttle and applies the rear brake.

2.Equilibrium Stage
He stabilizes himself/ passenger with the motorcycle so as to ensure that all are in equilibrium and perfectly vertical while travelling in a straight line. In this very short space of time the rider may lightly adjust his steering. If the motorcycle is moving in a straight path before braking , this step may be very short. Simultaneously he straightens his  torso and head if he has been crouched and braces his arms , adjusts the position of his fingers and hands,  places more load on the footrests and applies pressure on the break pedal.

3. Braking
Simultaneously , the rider squeezes the front brake lever with appropriate pressure and pulls the clutch lever completely in. He concentrates primarily on the front brake lever pressure and secondarily on the rear brake pedal pressure.

4. Adjustment
The rider adjusts the intensity of braking while concentrating on the front lever pressure.

Ride Safe

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