Nothing more scary to a rider than to be tailgated by a cager , to see the car hovering over your rear through your side mirror. It is not a pleasant experience.

I am not interested in discussing the reasons cagers tailgate riders. a motorcycle is a vehicle under Kenyan law. Just like a car , You have the same rights. Use them! Keep your lane. Not to the point of death mind you, but to the best of your abilities.


biker tailgate

we have no bumpers, no 4 wheels, no safety belt, no air bag. So slight contacts, or what cagers might consider a fender bender or love tap, could kill us!

The following is straight out of the MSF Rider Handbook on how to handle tailgating situations , please read through.

Drivers that tailgate pose a hazard. They may not be able to stop as quickly as motorcyclists. It is important not to let a tailgating driver distract you from SEEing ahead.

In general, it is best to increase your following distance from vehicles ahead , to give yourself time and space to execute a smooth, gradual stop. This avoids putting tailgating drivers in a position that re q u i res them to make a quick stop.

Some other options to respond to a tailgating driver are :

• Flash your brake light (communicate your intentions)

• Gradually reduce speed to create more space in front (adjust speed)

• Maintain a lane position that discourages sharing the lane (adjust position to
protect your lane), or change lanes

• Turn at the next opportunity, into a street or parking lot, to allow the person
tailgating you to pass by.

Ride Safe


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