My Wind Seeking Ways -Guest Post by Biker Girl Melissa

I am still getting used to this blogging story so here we go! Anyone who knows me knows i am a wind seeker for sure, most of them know the Kiting side but that’s a story for a different forum 🙂 .

I always knew i would be a biker one day from when I was in my teens then i was more inclined to Cruisers’. So if you asked me then i would have told you “I will own a Harley”, insert a twenty pretentious year.

My first pillion experience was on a Harley actually and was the most amazing (So i thought),  it was a ride from Westlands to The Windsor for a video shoot. I had no gear on, and was not warned of the wind that would be fighting my eyelids; needless to say it was a teary affair and a bad idea all together. I was just lucky.

Much later after my naive late teen escapade, I had second pillion experience about 2 years ago on a superbike. The guy had this grand idea to ride out of town, (Don’t worry he was smart enough to make sure I was geared up). The instructions I was given were (“1. When I lean, you lean, you resist we crash. 2. When I brake hard grip the tank to avoid sliding for both of us. 3. Don’t make any sudden moves, when the wind is too much tuck”) I got off that bike almost peeing my pants and with numb fingers, I was so tense that I gripped the tank the whole time for a 1 hour ride.

That my friends, was the great shift in preference never to look back …Hold that thought I will come back to my specific preference.

So one year and say 2 months ago I just could not resist the urge anymore my motto was “To ride or Burst” A friend’s workmate introduced me to the InkedBiker and i started my classes in on a track on  a 160cc Apache , Black and Yellow BAIBEEE!


After about 3 classes in , Inked Biker fast forwarded my lessons to  more advanced  drills and by lesson 5 I was placed on the Road, all geared up. I loved that bike but my eye was on a different prize. By my first long distance ride I had already clocked 125 kph on the speedometer.  (Happy to report I did not drop)

Last year I took on two interesting challenges I rode the Honda CBR 600RR 2010 version looks something like this… it was actually white with Blue rims (By the time i was allowed to ride it). Initially it was a Red Devil like the image below. I once got to ride this side by side with a Hayabusa ( Hayabusa  is a 1300 cc Suzuki superbike, needless to say I was shown DUST!


                                                                                              CBR 600RR

It’s quite something!!!!! The cornering, the throttle response,  oh …just how it responds!!!!!!


                                                                                        Suzuki Hayabusa

I am not even going to address the Busa; it’s above my riding grade right now though one day I will ride it. (Mad Respect)

But if i was to get a 600 which I am thoroughly debating before I get my dream machine (I might own both). It would be the GSXR (Pronounced as Gixa )in the biking world it’s a Suzuki and the CBR is a Honda .  Also important to note Yamaha and Honda guys have serious beef with each other, never confuse the two. Also stay out of the argument that will ensue on which machine is better than the other.

Back to my experience.   I got to switch the CBR with a GSXR 600, I think it was the 2006 exactly like the one below. I felt like a belonged. It’s a heavier bike and you only figure this out when it’s time to turn it, but it is much more stable on the road. And the riding experience is awesome.


                                                                                                     GSXR 600

That’s nothing; a friend let me test his baby…Now if you know bikers they are VERY possessive with their bikes. The DO NOT just let people ride the and I suspect I will be the same when I get my baby. Soooo I got to try out my dream Machine…DRUMROLL!!!!!!! The YZF Yamaha R1 (Wipes Drool) yes i am a Yamaha chick 🙂 The one I tested was a 2007 model white in color something like this…


  Yamaha YZF R1

I have never recovered from that short test ride! If I were to explain my reaction it would border being Vulgar so you fill in the gap “It was …..asmic”

So to finish this off because I could go on for days ….he he he. The bike I would love to own is the YZF Yamaha R1 2013 version, I  can’t get enough of the eyes… (For now I am still saving up for a 600) After that I would love to upgrade to the MIGHTY Kawasaki ZX14R… My Jaw could drop for days. That and the Busa i respect greatly.JKBZXNA187A021860

                                                                                            Kawasaki ZX 14R

That’s all folks!!! It’s been real , I hope this helps someone out there. And yes Girls can ride too 🙂


See you out there in the biking world!!!!!!

My Safety riding tips :

ü  ALWAYS have your gear on .

ü  If you are a new rider it is okay to be left behind, don’t try and gun it to keep up , that’s how you end up dropping.

ü  Ride with people who will be patient with you and correct your mistakes before you go trying to catch up with the big boys.

ü  Always look out for your fellow riders, your destination is not going anywhere so keep a good pace and make sure all riders are accounted for.

ü  Always fear your bike,  it’s what will keep you sane as a rider. Most of the people who drop are the ones who ” are experienced riders”   and it’s usually from silly mistakes.

ü  It’s ok to drop. (I haven’t yet I pray I don’t)

ü  Don’t be too scared to try, you drop, pick yourself up and try again.

 1267943_589362914472372_1234811012_o (2)

Most preferred  1000cc’s in order of My liking.


                                                                                      YZF YAMAHA R1


                                                                               Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R -NINJA BAIBE



                                                                                    SUZUKI GSXR 1000R


                                                                        BMW S1000RR

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