Guest Post – Yada Yada Yada by Biker Girl Lina

Introducing Guest Posts, this year i hope to give you my readers , opportunities every fortnight to hear from other bikers on their rides, riding experiences , biking dreams and aspirations. A bit of a break from the same ol from yours truly. You can read more of Lina’s writing on her blog Matchless for Sure.

Ride Safe

Yada Yada Yada by Biker Girl Lina 

Dear Inked Biker,

This letter is a thank you.

You see I decided to start riding a motorbike just like that. I didn’t sleep on it, or spend time in prayer about it. I was simply attending to an itch.  Also, I hadn’t had any past interactions with bikes and didn’t know any bikers. I don’t even like speed. So the only reason I am a biker girl is that I am a little rush in my decision making J

Anyway once I decided I was in, there was no looking back. And that is how I came to call you. And what enthusiasm you had during that first call! I was totally sold.


I gave you grief from day one. I know. I have no idea why you agreed to teach me how to ride anyway.

But just to counter that, let it now be a published fact that you gave me grief too.

One time I got late for a class and you gave me the cold treatment and punished me with hill starts for two hours straight!!

Another time I fell off the bike, and I could see from the look on your face that you were tempted to order me never to return for class again.

The thought that maybe I wasn’t serious about biking, which sometimes maybe I wasn’t, would fill you with righteous grief, because you, my friend, have a real passion for bikes.

Let’s not get into the fit of rage you’d ‘almost’ get into if I didn’t remember T-CLOCS.

Everything I know about bikes I learnt from you. When I first started learning, I needed some good stories to encourage me, and you had plenty. Hell, you yourself are a good story, having been riding safely for years, and still going strong.  Somehow despite by learning hiccups you kept believing that I could. So I did.

You told about a million times that motorcycling isn’t for everyone. And it isn’t.

I had a bike accident recently, in a but-for-God-this-would-have-been-disaster incident. All my fears came rushing back, and one of the reasons I know I am always going to get back on that bike is because you prepared me for when it’s not so fancy. Remember that day when you went on and on about the novelty wearing off, having passion… yada yada yada…? Believe it or not, I was listening.

So, as I can say many things, but the bottom-line is that you have made a biker girl out of me. My life is rich for it. I love it.

And so, thanks.

I know you have things to say about this letter. Bite me!

Always indebted,




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