knife-edge, knee down thriller

Not everyone wants every ride to be a knife-edge, knee down thriller.  I certainly don’t.

Maybe its old age creeping up on me, or having a girlfriend who only loves the occasional thrills of speed.  So i bought myself a cruiser , my very first .  A 1997 Yamaha Virago 535 XV .



Compared to the plastic pocket rocket super bikes everyone wants to buy these days its a bit bland, middle weight and average.  But boy does it sound good , basically its great. Easy and very forgiving to ride,

comfortable on long trips ,plenty of stuff to polish and bling to add if you want to.
And yes i will be looked down on by the super bike riders but i will live a lot longer and with fewer broken bones.

It’s not to everyone’s tastes, but that’s why companies make different bikes.  Its a perfect bike for a new rider ,  a genuine big bike and a proper cruiser , plus It is affordable, and good enough to hold its resale value .

The negatives are that the fuel tank is woefully small and any long trip requires several stops. Others are ones that come with it being a pre 2000 bike, such as in my case a petcock issue, which thanks to the viragotechforum are easily resolved.

Oh and my virago has very loud pipes ….awesome sound , sets off car alarms 🙂

Ride Safe



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