Under powered – knowing your limitations

I happened again yesterday .

I missed making the turn into the Likoni road extension from Mombasa road. I usually make two turns on Mombasa road, one from Eka hotel  onto the highway and the other from the highway into Likoni road extension.

This is the second time it has happened to me in two weeks, it is unnerving when you realize  you don’t have the speed to change lanes and make the turn , but then you adjust and loop round and try it again , more cautious this time around.

yamaha crux s

In this case its my bike that has limitations, the Yamaha Crux  S is perfect for weaving in and out of our crazy Nairobi City jams, but lacks the speed to get you out of trouble on the highway.

Know your abilities and limitations. Your limitations could be ,

visual – night blindness , head light glare ,  sunlight spots , setting up your side mirrors , knowing your blind spots.

motor skills – handling , braking in all-weather conditions, balance in curves and straights.

hearing – helmet padding , use of head phones or Bluetooth kits , filtering environmental noise.

physical – any illness or ailment  and subsequent treatment that limits your riding ability.

understand your limitations and try your best to mitigate them as you ride.

Know what your bike can do and what it can’t. This could be

motorcycle tyre

Handling – hard compound tires that make riding atrocious in wet, slick or sandy road conditions.


Braking –  ABS  control . Or Limited stopping power under load or in adverse road  / weather conditions


Lighting – know your  headlight Luminous flux (lumens) resp.  and max beam distance (meter)


Speed – know what your max speeds are in each gear

frame sliders

Ergonomics – heat shields, wind shields,  frame sliders , skid plates etc

Ride Safe


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