Biking 101- Getting Started

There is no magic process to learn how to ride.  In the past most motorcycle riders were self trained or learned to ride a motorcycle from a friend or relative. This way is usually riddled with mistakes on your riding form and process .


The only way to properly learn how to ride a motorcycle is taking a formal course given by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation USA or by a school that uses the MSF curriculum and whose instructors have been trained by the MSF USA.

Unfortunately these options are currently unavailable in Kenya. But take heart i am working on getting my MSF USA Rider Instructor Certifications soon and this situation will change. In the meanwhile i have instructed several novice riders using the MSF USA Methods with great success . You can check out matchless for sure , my very own graduate biker for a testimonial.

Motorcycle riding instruction is not about passing your competence riding exam and getting an endorsement on your license , because frankly with the examination standards being practiced by the traffic department you can do that with your eyes closed and hands tied behind your back …..don’t get me started on this…..


The MSF Rider Instruction course covers both classroom instruction and field exercises. Motorcycles are provided as part of the class as well as helmets. The Classes teach you more than how to just ride a motorcycle , but street survival skills too . These include skills on how to ride a motorcycle in traffic and how to avoid vulnerable situations.

So let’s get started, drop me a line at  for more information on my motorcycle rider instructor course.

ride safe


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