I rode to work today!!!

My newly graduated bike riding student …all grown up ….awww 🙂

Matchless for Sure

I rode to work today!!!! I rode to work today!! *dancing*

Let me dance. Because after this I have to go through the thought process of riding back home in the evening.

People will stare. If you are ever a new rider, I will tell you many things, and this is one of them. People will stare. They will stare at you from the moment you stand near the bike, as you gear up, as you start the bike, as you go, as you cruise, as you fail to downshift and stall on a hill, as you take that steep incline leading up to the closed gate and you are sure you’re going ram right into the gate.

They will stare as you de-gear. They will stare when you go for your tea. They will stare.

My advice? Ignore. Once in a while smile and wave.

Cagers (yes, all…

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