Rebuild project – Yamaha Crux S – 110 cc

The Need

A month ago , i bought a Yamaha Crux S with 42,000 kilometers on the clock,  which had been abandoned in a semi enclosed store for about a year.

Out of the need to have a smaller bike which could navigate the  crazy traffic jams of this Nairobi city.

Map for Action

Rebuilding any motorcycle is an arduous task and you need to do part 1 and 2 before you commit to buying one otherwise you will end up with a dead bike on your drive way.

  1. First inspect the bike to know the extent of wear and tear and  identify the parts that need replacing
  2. Get an estimate of the cost and availability, know which parts you can replace by yourself and which you will need help on.
  3. Finally after test riding your newly refurbished bike review what if any additional repairs are needed.


The following items were worn out and needed to be replaced.

Brake Shoes – Front and Rear

Spark Plug


Air Cleaner

Headlight Bulb

Carburetor Cleaning

Tires – Front and Rear

Indicators – all four

Sprockets – Front and Rear


Clutch Cable

Accelerator Cable

Speedo Cable

Seals – Front Shocks

Costs & Availability

Lucky for me the bike and part are stocked and supplied by Yamaha Kenya a subsidiary of Toyota East Africa , though the costs are much higher than at their authorized dealers stores.  And for sure i got the parts at a bargain , almost at 1/3rd the cost at Yamaha Kenya .

Actual Rebuild

The only part i needed help on was installing the front fork seals and  both tires (truth be told i could have done this too)

So i got all these done and saved quite a bit of money on labour cost for a mechanic.

Below are pictures of the bike at various stages of rebuilding.

20130615_122419_resized_1 20130608_140045_resized_1 20130608_140153_resized_1 20130610_144016_resized_1 20130615_122404_resized_1

Testing and Review

So i have had the bike for a month now. I use it on weekdays for my commuting needs . The bike is nimble and economical.  Unfortunately there is a certain lag in power delivery , i may have to either replace the carburetor entirely or replace the piston rings.

I will do that if these issues remain after the next service interval in about another 1000 kilometers.

Ride Safe


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