The Thesaurus  defines laxity as – the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern.

Today on my commute to work , a boda boda rider sans a helmet ,  reflective jacket  or any protective gear and busy talking on a mobile phone zoomed past me. Over lapping a queue of cars  , passing right in front of a traffic cop. Who looked at him in indifference.

The rules are there in the amended traffic act , the enforcement is selective , reason?? Yet the fatalities , injuries and disabilities associated with motorcycle accidents are on the increase.

Please read the following post on working towards increased helmet use among boda boda riders in Uganda.

The existing Kenyan traffic laws require helmet and reflective jacket use. These products are  easily available off supermarket shelves though the quality may not be up to acceptable  international standards. Enforcement and subsequent education to instil the discipline as part of a personal practice should be a priority.

In other news Seth Godin posted his 5000th blog post today ……! Go! make something happen! i will get there , yes i will.

Ride Safe


2 Replies to “Laxity!”

  1. We have to save ourselves….

    Everyone seems to be blind to laws and regulations. We praise and revere law breakers….the traffic cops are an endangered species….Hope we manage to save ourselves.


  2. Post quite apt!…surely road safety requires more attention.
    Your post resonates very well with today’s Kenya Daily Nation newspaper article (page 11) on Road Carnage/ Road Safety. In the article a patient in hospital, a bodaboda rider, says he and his passenger “sustained serious leg injuries and head bruises because they had no helmets”. In addition the Nyanza police chief attributes the increased accidents to negligence and says that the accidents can be reduced if “…all riders are well trained, wear reflective jackets and good quality helmets”.


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