Introducing …….Inked Biker

I started this blog as a way to rediscover my passion.

I have been searching ………..and it has been a wonderful journey. Along the way i have met and interacted with many wonderful people, i have gained and lost readers, i have learn’t several valuable lessons. I have found it!

I rode my 1st motorcycle in 1994 , quite by accident i must say. my pal took me along to check up on the progress of his Yezdi 250cc , yezdi

which was at a bike garage for service and routine maintenance. The mechanic told him it was ready and my pal simply told me to ride it to his place and left. I was perplexed, i had never rode a motorcycle before.  I quickly gathered my wits about me and asked the mechanic the only pertinent question i could think off at the moment ” what is the shift pattern of the gears?”    ” One down , Four up” ,  he said.  And off i went.

And i have never looked back . Over the years i have owned a number of bikes , and as matter of  principle i never ride anyone else’ s bikes. I ride only what i own .  But without a doubt i would say the most fun bike i have ever ridden is the Honda CBR 1000F Hurricane CHCBR1000F8 it was love at first sight. Sadly it is no longer in production  , and if it was , as i would buy one in a heartbeat.

Well well , there in lies my passion …and i introduce to you the inked biker.  My post on gym and health and music  breaks with unique upcoming artists will still continue , albeit on the sister blog gym & music at gymandmusic.

Why sudden change you might ask? Well, the change has been gradual , under the surface. I train new bikers on how to ride safely and working on training materials for seasoned riders too , as well as sourcing new or used bikes for anyone interested. So yes , the passion has been there all along.

I have a vision to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable by providing quality training for current and prospective riders, and advocating a safer riding environment.

Ride Safe


2 Replies to “Introducing …….Inked Biker”

  1. I’m turning green with envy 😦 you have found your passion. Bravo though….I’ve seen you grow through the gym and now bikes. Now You’ve found it…..motor bikes rule.


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