10 Feet . Progress Report II

The Fates conspired…………..


I slipped , but i didn’t fall , i got up . It is said that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Well,  am not a mouse .

Two bouts of flu  (kwani SARS is making rounds?) and a sprained wrist from an unnecessary midweek game of squash ( i wasn’t sufficiently warmed up). And poof …like magic i lost 3 weeks.

The drawback of being on a workout program is that there are no baksies , no skipping , no fast forward ..nada. Oh the agony of grinding it through the pain , the body aches , the fever . Managing 2 workouts out of  the five weight and cardio planned for the week . That doesn’t get me down …i mark the two as done and push through the other three slowly until i mark them done as well . Am committed to this.

I wasn’t very bright, i should have defined my goal in a range rather than a set figure …say 9 to 10 feet …he he he… I don’t know if i will make my goal by the set date …hmmmmm , what to do?

No worries.

I credit my progress to the awesome support i keep getting  my girlfriend Njix


And My fellow Stronglifts 5×5  gym rats Tofa and Sila , watch this space guys . Really looking forward to when i can squat 405 barbell squat

, Deadlift 455,


benchpressBench 315 , Press 225 and Row 245 as you guys are currently .


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