10 Feet – Progress Report

Well am into my Fourth  month on my goal to dunk by end of July.  Hmm …so how has it been so far? Good progress if i would say and here is why….

I realized i had to make a few changes to my exercise and diet regime. I was too heavy , 100 kgs of muscle and about 30% body fat …wow not too good.  I had to get a good anaerobic and aerobic program , cut out the body building supplements …no more whey protein or creatine . Reduce on meats , bye bye beef  ….. welcome salads and fish .

My first priority was a good running program. 5k run

I happened upon the Zombie 5k Run app on the Google Play Store . An innovative way to get into shape , gets you through a full 5k in 8 weeks with audio stories to augment your running experience , check out the review here.  So far i have lost 4 kgs …yeah!

Word of caution though … i believe that due to my 100 kg body weight i quickly started to experience pain on the balls of my feet running through the arc to the heel , this made walking painful after my workouts.  This is a condition called plantar fasciitis  , which is treatable through toe stretches, towel stretches and calf raises.  So doing this every morning when i get out of bed has eased my pain a whole lot , and i pray that as i lose weight the pain will all together disappear.

Now onto the strength training program stronglifts-5x5

Lucky for me i had friends at the gym who were on a weight lifting/body building program that was actually working for them ,  plus it gave them ample time off between training days to get some cardio workouts done. The StrongLifts 5×5 Strength Training program , well if you get through the rather lengthy introduction at the site i would recommend this program for any one who want to do any strength training.  Here is a brief summary of the same .

Here’s how StrongLifts 5×5 will work for you: three times per week, you will go to the gym and do 3 full body exercises for sets of 5 reps. The first 4 weeks, you will lift lighter weights so you can focus on mastering and perfecting technique, and prepare your body for heavy weights. You won’t have to remember complicate routines… in fact, you’ll always alternate between the same 2 workouts…

StrongLifts 5×5 Workout A StrongLifts 5×5 Workout B
Squat 5×5 Squat 5×5
Bench Press 5×5 Overhead Press 5×5
Barbell Rows 5×5 Deadlift 1×5

One Reply to “10 Feet – Progress Report”

  1. Progress is always encouraging, keep at it. Mmmh, so I guess it’s true that ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’. Wishing you well on your journey to a slam dunk in July!


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