10 Feet

10 Feet , that is how high a regulation basketball rim or hoop is when mounted to a back board.bball rim

At my height 5″9 , i would need to have a vertical lift of over 40 inches to slam dunk. And that is my target by July 28th 2013. Then i will be turning the big 40 …….Oh Lord where did the years go.

This is the first of my 3  physical fitness for this year ( i will detail the rest in subsequent posts). And it will be quite the challenge , but i need the bragging rights , to tell my kids that eh,  daddy can jump.  So all i have to look forward to in the coming months is a loads of training to increase my jumping ability .

2012 was a good year in many ways , in specific to my fitness goals 1.  I was consistent at the gym all year round except in the month of  October when i was unwell. 2.I finally attended the health and wellness boot camp  at end of November which really helped me gauge my aerobic fitness levels, and i  subsequently stepped up my cardiovascular workouts. 3.I had the good fortune to be introduced to squash ( thank you Njix)  and  i am loving every minute of it. The tempo is picking up and from next week we will be having 2 squash sessions a week  at the Impala Club ( you are welcome to join me).

Well , that is all folks! 2013 is sure to be bigger and better . i pray


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