Please Dont Judge Me!

Stereo types

It always gets ugly before it gets beautiful.

Before boda bodas became the norm where biking in Kenya is concerned, i used to enjoy a certain measure of mystic and respect as a biker.

Now am like an old soldier trading war stories,  reminiscing about the good ol past.

These days there certain bike makes and models (mostly Chinese) and bike sizes ( 150cc and less) , that i cant be caught dead on.

As a biker,  my comfort,  reputation, budget has gone to the dogs,  sigh!

Society (read any girl i would like to date) dictates what kind of bike i ride,  what gear i wear. Actually,  most would prefer if i didn’t own or rode a bike at all.
No way am going to be a cager……you will have to drag me kicking and screaming 🙂 into a cage.

Two Bully Cars beat up a Motorcycle

So your busy trying to keep up with the Jones . Buying bikes you can hardly afford or even maintain . A bike that doesn’t  fit into your commuting needs . A bike that’s is most probably too fast and  too heavy for your skill level.    So you can look and act the part .

Most guys i know fall into the trap of buying such a bike from used bike importers . Who hardly give you the bikes’  service history , and don’t have parts or service credentials to provide an after sales service.

After a while , Your bike ends up taking dead space in a junk yard . Or providing shade for grass to grow in your driveway.

So don’t judge me ….

When you see me in on my bike . I will still live on happily if you don’t want to catch a ride with me . Am sure out there there is some one ,  a lady , who will happily jump at the chance.


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