Back to Basics

I rode a bicycle for the years i was in university . Everyday , okay almost. Day and Night.  And boy was it fun as well as a perfect way to exercise .

Well , truth is i couldn’t afford any other mode of transport , except maybe a pair of roller blades or a skate board ….no , these are not designed for a daily commute even for an athletic college student . (yes ,back in the day i was .. )

Since i started working out i have been thinking of ways to get some cardio work out on a daily basis and  owning a bike seemed to be an excellent way to do that. I had some questions on the type of bike best suited for what i had in mind which is mostly road based with a bit off road , cost was a factor too . Commute by Bike website is a great resource for such information with its excellent commuting 101 post.

Fast forward to 6 weeks ago . I get a knock on my gate at about 9pm. Am like who in the blazes . As we were in the middle of a blackout in the area and you don’t expect visitors in the dark of night .
Turns out to be an acquaintance from the neighborhood. A slick character , prohibited substance/s  smoking , veve chewing , true rasta . And surprise surprise , he had hot hot merchandise for me , one sleek cyclo cross bike.

Now am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth , this bike was a beauty , so so sleek and going for a song, a steal i tell you.  So the story was that the current owner was in desperate need of money and willing to sell it dirt cheap.

Hmm , i thought about it for a week , i dreamt about what i would be up to on that bike all through the week .  I could use it to commute to work on occasions . Do errands around town , save on fuel and lose weight as i cycled.  I would finally have a bike i could attempt a few road rides, trail rides and the occasional mini triathlon with .

I even window shopped for riding gear , rear and front LED lights . Sourced for budget paint job , seat repair and other cosmetic upgrades. I was psyched.

Sigh …..

Am glad i waited to make my decision , turns out the bike was hot , yup , hot off someone’s premises. I would have had a hard time explaining why it was in my possession to the cops.  So am still searching , the dream is still there . I am trolling used bike shops looking for a deal .


3 Replies to “Back to Basics”

  1. I was already seeing you cruising the ‘Mediterranean Sea’ on that bike.hehe. Glad you took your time lest the police custody took it for you.
    Good bike, eventualy, come to you who waited…


  2. LOL…How I was already happy that you got an “unexpected gift” at a throw away price. Good thing that you took time to think about it, would’ve been a different story all together. So you still plan to buy one ama that story has died?


    1. he he , i would ve been in sing sing without a song. thank u for the concern Kawi. I bought another , took it ocha , now i ve reason to visit there every month . Its awesome, little traffic , plenty of hills, valleys , perfect cycling zone.


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