Righty Tighty , Lefty Loosy.

I have loved motorcycles since i first rode a Yezdi 250 cc in India and kept wondering why i wasn’t gaining speed until i realized my foot had been on the brake pedal all along. Oh , that Yezdi was fun to ride . As basic and raw a bike as you could have  back then . No frills , no customization ,  everything OEM .

Once upon a time , i  thought i would like to have a career in automotive mechanics , i have always been inclined to take apart anything mechanical from car seats stuffing as a baby to lathe machines as an adult , eh putting them back is always a challenge though 🙂 .

But i soon figured out that i would rather fix motorcycles as a hobby rather than a career. I spent time with my mechanic friend Simon at his shop and it became apparent that if you fix bikes all day you will not want to put the same effort on your own bikes . His personal bikes are always in a state of disrepair . Plus the pay sucks , customers disappear leaving bikes in your shop to rust away . Plus you develop an indifferent attitude towards bikes .  When Simon sees a great bike his first thought is  ” how much can i sell that for? ”

Plus you should have heard half the sob stories from guys hoping to get away with paying the full amount for any sort of work at the shop . As Dan says Never let a job go out unpaid. The following sign sort of tells the story.

So i thought i would try sourcing motorcycle parts for guys on order , and i actually lost money on that . Apparently to make a profit i have to add a 100% mark up , that didn’t sit well with most of my prospective customers who expect discounts or free installation of parts on delivery . As Dan says , customers have selective hearing .

I heartily recommend his online repair course website for any one in the following categories  :-  

  1. People who want to do their own work.
  2. People who want to know how the work is done, but do not want to do it themselves.
  3. People who want to do it, for Pay, for other people.

So at the end of the day i am just a guy who loves motorcycles and who has over the years picked enough knowledge and skill to competently manage to service and maintain his own bike .  I emphasize the own bikes part , the only exceptions i make are for close friends and family and at a cost.

Tinkering on a motorcycle engine at 9pm with an energizer 4 led light strapped on your head is a labor of love,  i tell you. The wrench is freezing cold in my hand , the only heat comes from the rapidly cooling engine . Sometimes i forget what side to turn to tighten the bolt  , then i remember the rhyme , righty tighty , lefty loosy , easy does it.


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