Paying my last respects

It is almost a done deal . I most probably wont be on the court again ,atleast not as a player.

If i was in the NBA i would be earning a veterans minimum pay package , about 1.3 million $ . Hmmm …if wishes were horses ..

My friends are trying to keep the flame alive , with constant promises of pick up games they are yet to show up for . And a veterans team that is yet to get off paper.

It is time , time to pay my last respects to the game i love , at least as a player.
This sucks , i really don’t have any other sport i fancy to play other than basketball.

Squash and Aikido have come to mind. Maybe i can do both , with the latter being more involving mentally. Unfortunately , none are team sports . Now that’s the sticking point . Aikido is offered at the Japan Information and Cultural Center in Upper Hill Nairobi so i might as well check that out. Squash in Nairobi , well that i don’t really have any information on. My best guess is at Members clubs , they would have such facilities. How to get into one , Lord only knows.

NBA games on ESPN , Video Clips on as well as the Hangtime blog nature my bond with the game. The movers and shakers , trades and dramas.

With the Olympics in a few weeks , i will be saturated with the International Version of the game . A few late nights and no shows at work are to be expected. Small price to pay for the experience.

Maybe i can coach or manage a teens team , thinking of starting such an after school activity at church , praying i don’t have to hurdle over a lot of bureaucracy get this running. Now that will keep me connected to the game at some level.

Alright then , am off to make this dream a reality as i finally hang up my playing sneakers for good , c’est la vie.


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