Sound of the Ball

Nothing sounds quite like it . As he dribbled on the tarmac road , from his driveway to the basket ball court at the neighborhood playground.

Coloring page basketball

Always about the same time , 8am Monday to Saturday , come rain light drizzle or/and sunshine.

That sound got me out of the house faster than a cheetah in the savannah.

I changed into my shorts , socks , T shirt and Sneakers in super speed , yaani superman would ve been impressed.

Out the gate , all psyched for the morning shoot around , dribbling skills tasks and a short best of 3 one on one session before the rest of the guys showed up an hour later.

Now those were the days , the good days , when classes were in the afternoon and you had the whole morning to yourself.

We were just an amateur team , in the Nairobi Basketball Association league. We had players drawn from 5 estates. Our 5pm training sessions were houseful . Our Saturday All star pick up games were legendary …running from 9am to 3pm.

We were the darling of the division beating more established and moneyed teams with our grinding defense and transitional offense.
We had our very own 3point threat and clutch player Mafabi. , our above the rim dunking swing man the late  .Godfrey ‘Godi’….. , our veteran 40 inch vertical leap point guard Sammy , our Twin Towers Derrick and Rocky . Now that was our starting 5. With an equally exemplary supporting cast . Mtula aka fast-break , Vinnie ma stiffness, Barry , Reagan, Bernard ‘CEO’ , Vinnie, Wachira and the Coach Amos.

Our offense could change from a half-court zone to a man transitional by changing just one of the starters.

Hard times , not really . We raised money for our own uniforms , league fees , transportation , rims and backboards for our home court , and a lot more .

Coloring page basketball

Yours truly quadrupled up as the team manager , skill sets coach , referee and bench warmer.
Exciting times i tell you .


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