Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired

King of the Jungle they call me . What jungle i ask ? As they steadily and willfully move into my ‘jungle’. If it ain’t them its the others , the trespassers …am a king without privacy ,my every move a kodak you tube moment.

Am on the Coat of Arms , currency notes and coins , the public seal , you name it . You would think all this would get me the respect i deserve …i wish. And am meant to be a National Treasure or so am told …..    Am tired.

Diseases that i have no natural immunity to , ravage my tired body …its not like i can walk to a vet and knock.
Tasteless, odorless banned pesticides like Furadan decimate my kind and others. A chemical threat to my species they say . Cant exactly hire a lawyer or a pr firm to sue or lobby for my safety.

The herders move into my hood . Yummy yummy …well fed livestock . Like taking candy from a baby . But they have spears and arrows ….if only i had opposable thumbs , i hear there is a shooting range at Athi river…revenge is mine …
Am sick of this.

Hey Walter ! Ol friend and Bosom buddy . I hear you got it good over there . Own servant , steady meals, warm shelter and your pick of the ladies . Can i , could i …eh come over for a visit …


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