Goals! What Goals?


Sometime in the month of May this year. Day 1 at the gym.
Here I stand 35 years old, 5’9″ and weigh 220lbs with a BMI of 30. I have a spare tire i want to get rid of and have legs like jelly. My upper body is quite stocky anyway but needs to be toned.
Fear grips me, will I hack this? I spent the night online at the bodybuilding.com, scouring information on exercises, training routines, supplements, you name it.

Age Factor
Will my age work against me? Can I lose weight; get rid of the fat and gain muscle mass? So many questions, so confusing. Now, I got a whole mess of nay sayers and encouragement guys to refute me, but honestly, at age 35, i can certainly get my weight in order, and cut up more, and there is always the illusion factor IE: waist is smaller making the taper seem bigger, etc….

Goals Specific
I’ve read that i need to set specific goals and if i don’t then i will fail or not keep to my training regime because i will get disheartened from not seeing results.

So out comes the note book / diary, starting a gym log …yeah …setting targets.
All this because in a couple of years , I want to look like this .

“The feebler the body, the more it rules: the stronger, the more it obeys.” Rousseau from “Emile” Book 1
For anyone who cant make it to the gym for various reasons, check out this site. http://hundredpushups.com/index.html
It is a great resource for progressive pushups, sit ups, dips and pull ups training programs. No or little equipment necessary.


11 Replies to “Goals! What Goals?”

  1. Hahaha nooooo! That can’t be your goal, he’s too muscled up. Too much muscle ain’t that good, you will feel like a rock. Being in shape and fit is good. You can use Idris Elba 🙂

    So now I have a mental picture of you (I hope you did yourself justice) … and your age … tihihi!


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